Digital Studies Collective

The Digital Studies Collective (DiSCo) is an interdisciplinary network of PhD researchers founded on the premise that to grapple with humanity’s increasing seduction of the digital, we need to organise collectively and continuously learn, lament, celebrate and critique the digitisation of the everyday. To date, we have organised nine training works in digital methodologies and we are curating the experimental publication DiSCo Journal. DiSCo is funded by CHASE (Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South-East England).

The DiSCo Journal is an annual online publication exploring digital art, culture and methods. Rather than get stuck in tired dystopian/utopian debates, the journal’s aim is to host a critical space to probe and question what digitalisation means to you. Given the rapid spread of digital culture worldwide, we are surprised by the dearth of artistic and academic commentary, especially here in London. We see the journal as filling an important hole. That said, the hole remains gaping and we welcome collaboration, rivalries and criticism. The Managing Editors, Sandy Di Yu, Sarah Hwang, Tanvi Kanchan and Craig Ryder, hope you are inspired to contribute to the journal or simply want to enjoy it.

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