CfS-Issue 1


Time is of the essence. Never has an adage resonated so much than in today’s digitised society. Smartphones, social media apps and web browsers convene to track our every move: scheming, plotting, predicting. What it means to be a human—to communicate, to create, to copulate—is reduced to a data point, information about what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future. Is there even a digital-present?

Issue 1 of DiSCo Journal recognises a deep and urgent need to explore the digital’s phenomenological annihilation of time. We invite artists, academics and activists to submit scholarly and creative work to document the digital’s ambiguous relationship with time. We welcome submissions of new and ongoing works:

– Theory/criticism/scholarly research in writing (images are always welcome!)
– Visual and photo essays, photography, digital images, data visualisations, illustrations
– Video, animations, audio/sound
– Creative writing, fiction, poetry
– Interactive media, software, other time-based works
– Interviews
– Reviews of books, art/exhibitions, film/tv/media

Please note as an editorial committee we do not subscribe to disciplinary boundaries but we see submissions falling into three broad temporalities:

Odes to the past: how far back does our relationship with the digital go? Did computing exist before the twentieth century? What about the video games you loved as a kid, or a Myspace page an imaginary friend never made?

The technological present: the lenses, platforms and devices that mediate our reality. WTF is TikTok? Actually, WTF is reality?!

Our nascent futures: the tech we need to know about. Tech enthusiasts are evangelical about NFTs, Metaverse(s) and Synthetic Media. What is humanity’s digital destiny?


Please submit a 200-word abstract for written and creative contributions as a PDF (or c/p text in the field) and up to 5 work files at by 3 May 2022.

All selected contributions must be completed by the first draft deadline of 30 June 2022 (see Timeline below for full issue schedule):

Written/scholarly articles as well as long-form creative writing and interviews should be no more than 3000 words in length, not including citations, figures/captions and bibliographies.
Visual and media projects should include a project statement of maximum 1200 words and include up to 15 samples.
Reviews should be maximum 700 words.

The editorial committee will review all submissions and select up to 20 for the issue. Selection decisions will be emailed to applicants by 17 May 2022. Contributors whose submissions have been accepted may receive comments for revision and further instructions from the committee for issue publication. The contributor will have one month to revise and resubmit their articles and projects to the committee. Contributors to Issue 1 will receive a fee of £100.


– Deadline for 200-word abstracts and 5 work files: 3 May 2022
– Selection decisions emailed to applicants by: 17 May 2022
– Deadline for first draft of articles and creative projects (with 15 images): 30 June 2022
– Comments/edit notes sent to contributors by: 31 July 2022
– Deadline for final drafts: 31 Aug 2022
– Issue 1 launches online: 1 October 2022


– Looking for the DiSCo Journal Style Guide? Find it here

Any questions about the submission guidelines, timeline, or general inquiries about the issue/journal, please email editors [at] discojournal [dot] com or reach out on twitter @CHASE_DiSCo or on instagram @discojournal