An Instagram Timeline – Vidya Gopal

By: Vidya Gopal An Instagram Timeline Keywords: Instagram; platform design; history; monetisation; attention Project Statement Instagram has been around for 12 years, and in these years, it has changed considerably in its features, target audience and focus. Last June, company head Adam Mosseri said Instagram was no longer ‘just a photo sharing app’, and they …

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Air Raid Camera Roll – Clemens Poole

By: Clemens Poole AIR ALARM CAMERA ROLL Keywords: Ukraine; Lviv; war, war photography, digital practice Project Statement Russia’s invasion of Ukraine plays tricks with time. War compresses aspects of the past and flattens expanses of the present. There are, of course, the grand narratives; the past is brought back, or projected into an imperial future …

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Digital Oz – Liz Blum

The life of an image in the digital network exists forever, untethered to history, people or place. It persists into the future in its digital afterlife, piling up against the rest of technology’s digital universe, its presence a construct made of code and data.